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Migration as a hunter, has the highest in the food chain. Index is a measure of the biological diversity of ecosystems. More than 20 species of hawks, falcons, seasonal migration from Russia, Mongolia, China, Korea and Japan as a habitat in the breeding season. Escape the cold and lack of food by living in tropical regions of Southeast Asia, which has a mild climate and abundant food for winter shelter.

Chumphon is the migration routes of the narrowest of Malaya, it is ideal for watching the fowls that fly over a lot of the day. More than two hundred thousand migratory birds like the hawk species in China. Japanese falcon species Hawk Grey Hawk bees and lizards Black Hawk. Immigrants in the early winter months of October of every year. It is central to the study of the migration in Southeast Asia. The number and type of tough immigration, most of the research in the first decade. To raise awareness of the Wildlife Conservation Society's sustainable. For the balance of ecosystems and natural learning with Bird. Government agencies and private organizations in Chumphon realize how important it is scheduled as follows.

Hua Yang planned to organize the festival, see the migration of the 12th Festival of the Yang 1st Annual 2556 between 2 - 6 October 2556, at the Municipal Office, Yang. And measured over Yang Yang Moo 5 Mueang Chumphon.

Bang Bang Son Pathio Center winds provinces. University And the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). Chumphon office. Scheduled Events See the migration of his pencil Surat Thani Surat Thani during the October 15, 2556 - November 15, 2556 which is available on the Hawks during the best.

Camp Cultivating the birds (Young Birder Camp 2013) between 21 - 24 October 2556 at the nature center field with his pencil. Some forests. Chumphon Chumphon. and the lectures by. Mr. Veterinarian Dr. Yan Chai Gaysorn lotus veterinary Pat Pong machine, gold and Mr. William S. Clark at Novotel Chumphon.

Opening event of the migration  on 26 October 2556 at 10.00 hrs., at the Center for the Study of the migration Chumphon (his pencil).   

Is a great opportunity for those interested in birds of prey. Learn about the migration of birds of prey. To promote and raise awareness of eco-tourism and conservation knowledge and approval of the migration of birds in the provinces. The show, which has organized many activities such as camps for bird watchers. Describing the migration Exhibition about the hawk and bird species and to educate interested parties, etc.

For more information on  municipal some pine. Tel. 077-591003 / University Tel. 0-2579-0058-9 on the 2226/6606 or ask for travel. And Business Facilities And Ranong The    Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). Chumphon Office Tel 077 501 831/077 502775-6. base rate

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