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 Special dinner menu Truffle  @ Fern's Bar & Grill.



18 to 25 November at 18:00. 22.00. Restaurant Pub Bar and Grill Kantary Hills invites you to attend a special dinner. With the Mushroom Truffle French to 6 plates of bread Shoes Stuffed Mushroom Truffle béchamel with smoked duck breast and mushroom on toast made with red onion marmalade. Cream of cauliflower soup, egg yolk floating. New Zealand lamb meat as a main dish or spinal Hokkaido scallops. With potato dumplings, ravioli filling. Mont Blanc dessert tarts. Supplemented by Laura Lee Pop Off suites various flavors.

Creating a quality conscious process. French chef and cook a delicious menu. Chef Sebastian Paired with Mushroom Truffle finest ingredients perfectly. At only THB 1,300 ++ per person only.

For more information and reservations, please. Kantary Hills, Chiang Mai, 44, 44 / 1-2. Nimmanhemind Force. 12. Suthep., Muang. 50200 Tel: 053-222-111 or visit the website. www.kantarycollection.com  dubai Airport Hotel dubai airport hotel


For more information please contact:

Wijitra Pechpalakorn (Chitra diamond armed forces) 
PR. Executive, Cape & Kantary Hotels 
Tel: 02-253-3791 - 7 Ext. 215 
Moblie: 089-884-7803
E-mail: Pr-executive2@kasemkij.com.


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