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TAT. With Khon Kaen. Join Xiao Festival tradition tied it in the "International Festival of silk. Crescent and Red Cross tradition tied province "during 29 November to 10 December 2556 at the area of the town hall in Khon Kaen.

 Festivals and traditions that bind Xu Held annually To promote silk weaving "Mudmee" This is a unique province and east. Including reviving and promoting local culture as traditional tie Xu This year, the province has elevated to showcase some international countries GMS (GMS) comprises six members are Thailand, China, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar. and Cambodia, with emphasis on the exchange of technical knowledge about the Silk route, the Mekong, which will be a lecture and discussion on many topics, including matching trades Silk (Business Matching) from six member nations GMS to study. and create a network like the Mekong. Thailand Exhibition silk unified. The exhibit and sale of silk as well as cultural exchanges each day from the six GMS member nations and shows a silk fashion show Kaen. Production and processing, sericulture, etc.

Those interested in more information on. Province Office Tel. 043-236882 Kaen Provincial Administration Organization, Tel. 043-239194 or TAT. Khon Kaen Office Tel. 043-227714-6

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