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Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). Phrae invites tourists. And others interested in merit. "Gin merit Hulkin Bamboo by annual 2556". During Day 2 - November 3, 2556 at Wat Pai Lom Tung Hua Phrae.

Ms. Pat woman in Chiang Mai, director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). Phrae, which is responsible for the promotion and publicity tour of Phrae, Nan, Uttaradit, said Wat Pai Lom with Phrae. Rental spread Tropical Tourist Association Tourism Authority of Thailand Phrae try and weaving house ideally compounding. Jointly organized a Bun "Bun Gin Hulkin Bamboo by year 2556" during the Day 2 - November 3, 2556 at Wat Pai Lom Tung Hua Phrae purpose of promoting tradition of faith. And Unity to remain forever.

Hulkin is called the ceremony must be done with haste. It requires unity of believers lot. To weave the three garments of a Buddhist monk by the hand in one day, that is. From cotton to Weaving to finish before the next morning, and gave priests Krankin is accelerated from the ancient belief that the merit Hulkin (Katin Cornel) will benefit many.

The program features many exciting activities on 2 November will have a ceremonial county Hulkin. Start by collecting flowers gaily cotton weaving, stitching, dyeing and sun exposure is the final step. The ceremony was stirred Kgawtipis during the day for November 3 will be a grand ceremony unity.

. TAT spread Invites tourists And interested Booth in "Gin merit Hulkin Bamboo by year 2556" during the Day 2 - November 3, 2556 at Wat Pai Lom Hua Thung Phrae For more information, you compose the Chapin artists. National telephone 08 1951 6639 or travel information. Phrae, Nan, Uttaradit, and tour the TAT, Phrae Tel. 0 5452 1127.  

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