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Mr. Mo Wan Kok, director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). Khon Kaen said. TAT Phuket. Room with New Limited and website needs one of Thailand (www.111thailand.com) Thailand Travel Car caravans. "Buddha relics East Relationship to the AEC "during the 7 - 10 December 2556 on the Bangkok - Chiang Mai - Thailand - yet - City Trad PDR. Laos and Phetchabun to promote travel patterns caravan and published Journeys East connection. Linking the country to house the spectacular and worth. This will be a visit to the beauty shop silk from Thailand. And from countries such as the Greater Mekong Subregion or GMS, China, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, which will be present at festivals and fairs, international silk. Xu and tradition bound fiscal year 2556, which the province. Was elevated to the development International Festival for the first time After that, it took the group to worship That Kham Kaen and Phra Mahathat Kaen, which is 2 to 5 holy relics along the route. "Buddha relics East 4 cities prosperous life," the professor scepter Chinbunchorn have suggested virtue of worship. Before my trip to Khan visited Across the Mekong River to watch the way the beauty of Trad Lao PDR., And return to nature amid the icy top of Rua. Attendance of Thailand and A stay in a luxury. Enjoy delicious food from renowned throughout the series for you. Price starts from only 2,800 baht per person.

Participation Thailand caravan travels to No. 7 "Buddha relics East. Relationship to the AEC "can subscribe packages are available in the New Root Limited Phone 08 0423 1122, 09 4326 2538, 0 3576 1555 From now until November 9, 2556 Limited to 60 persons for details. more. TAT Thailand Tel: 0 4322 7714- 6 or tracking information and activities on the www.facebook.com/TAT.KhonkaenOffice. kereta sambung bayar

Source:  Tourism Authority of Thailand. Khon Kaen.


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