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Chaiyaphum Province With agencies Support Promoted Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). Office of Nakhon Ratchasima. Invites you to participate in one sport in the world. And join the ultimate light show with the festival.  "wonderfully clean power Chaiyaphum" between September 23 - November 25, 2556 at the temple of light Nong Toom sass Kut Muang Chaiyaphum.

"Mallet Fire" folk culture and tradition behind the scene. Fire Mallet racing games revive ancient sport. Added attraction of traditional communities in the world. This year has held back the scene. Local sporting activities include a visit to the same job. To provide opportunities for people in the district. Have shown capabilities Of wisdom This will enhance your enjoyment and the love. Unity among the youth as not to interfere with the drug. Of the play "Mallet Light" of Ban Kut Bob Sass was born out in the days before the trip to Bath after farming, then the air in the surrounding area. Cold weather The invention of fire play Wood wool, size 10 - 15 cm be burned and used as wood wool bat wildly. It has been developed as a pervasive and traditional activities to be played during the ceremony scene.

Activities for interesting and special for this year.  The light show "Legends of the mallet in the world."  (All Day 23 - 25 Nov 2556 starting at approximately 18:00 hrs.) and then. tournament game as a "mallet" light (starting at about 19:00 pm.) There is also a competition lamps pass loop. Local sporting events such as boxing, rowing and sea food made ​​from fish delicacy. The goods are famous in the market, period. As well as many other activities throughout the event.

More information can be found at. Tambon Nong Toom Phone 0 4488 5059, 0 4482 2502 Phone releases offense or that. TAT Thailand Tel: 0 4421 3030.

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